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OOC Information
NAME; Tesla
AGE; 21

IC Information
CHARACTER NAME; Kitotaka Ishimaru
AGE; Possibly 17-18 (ambiguous in canon)
CANON; Dangan Ronpa
CANON POINT; After Chapter 3
FAMILY TYPES; Virus busters, Nature spirits, Dragon's roar

A light-skinned young man, usually seen in his school uniform, with short-cropped black hair, red eyes, and intensity in his facial expressions. His profile lists his height at 176 cm and weight at 66 kg. Though he's compact enough that it isn't apparent through his uniform, he has a muscular physique. [1]


(note: For the sake of clarity, I will refer to events as they are viewed in the sequence of the game, not taking into account the later revelation of the students' previous time spent together.)
Ishimaru's title at Hope's Peak Academy is that of "Super High-School Level Hall Monitor", his aptitudes lie in order and hard work. A perpetual student, he's passionate about learning, and not just for grades, as can be seen by his excitement over post-investigation discoveries at the school, or his gratitude when Naegi explains the advantages of leisure activities to him. He says himself that he studies in his spare time, and prefers to wear his school uniform even when school isn't in session.
A straightforward and honest person, he shows his emotions freely. Most often, his attitude and views are confident and optimistic. He cries often, but only under extreme distress does it stop him from carrying on a discussion.
He holds himself to an abnormally high standard, and he's a competitive person, even in trivial matters. For example, after the students make their preliminary search of the school, he's upset to find that he isn't the first to show up for their agreed-upon meeting in the cafeteria.  When he and Mondo have an argument about whose willpower is stronger, it eventually escalates to a full-on challenge of endurance between them. In the manga, he explains to Mondo that he values hard work over innate intelligence because of his family history. He sees himself as partially responsible for the deaths of Mondo and Chihiro, regretfully mentioning multiple times that he could have done more to stop them.
He has an inclination to follow authority, as is to be expected for a top student. There is very little opportunity for this trait to show in the game, but in Monobear's more harmless moments he's quick to latch onto any offered shreds of normalcy, being the only one to answer when it first says "good morning" to the students or follow when it leads morning exercises.
More clearly, he's also a natural and decisive leader, with a strong belief in the power of cooperation. "Let's all work together" is a common phrase to come from him. He calls the students' first meeting to order, and shows up the next morning at every student's individual room to suggest that they meet every morning, in the interest of fostering cooperation and trust among the group. He leads the discussion in their meetings, as well as at the first trial.
Despite his drive to work with others, he lacks social skills. Mondo even comments on it when he casually talks to Naegi about the dead body previously left in his room. This trait is most obvious in his free time events- first, he suggests that Naegi spend some time with him in the sauna by demanding that they get naked together, and in the subsequent conversation he reveals that he doesn't know how people normally converse, or what the point of leisure activities is.
He has a tendency to make snap judgments, and he can change his mind just as quickly if given enough reason. Before the first trial he appears convinced that Naegi was the murder, but he still faithfully follows the discussion and evidence to its correct conclusion. More extreme still, his disagreements with Mondo culminate into a close friendship overnight after their deep personal discussion. He does refuse to follow logic once, when he refuses to believe Mondo's guilt at the second trial, even following a confession to the murder. Mondo is, after all, his first and only true friend.
He doesn't deal well with unexpected events. Sometimes, he falls into illogical or strange slight ramblings when he's thrown for a loop in the middle of conversation, or he'll trail off in contrast with his usual decisive statements. Like some of his fellow students, he's initially in denial when they are introduced to the rules of their new school life of mutual killing, though he reprimands himself soon after for doing so instead of being constructive. Positive unexpected happenings may throw him off just as easily- namely, his aforementioned unprecedented friendship with Mondo, leading to a loyalty so fierce for its short duration that he was emotionally destroyed after Mondo's death, never to recover in the short time he had before his own murder. 
When he does break, he breaks completely, going from a brash self-appointed leader to a silently distraught wreck, speaking up only briefly on the topic on the deceased. That is, until he takes on a new identity as Ishida, an amalgam of himself and Mondo, adopting Mondo's coarse speech and violent attitude. (Note: Though Ishimaru was Ishida up to his murder, I will regard that state as a temporary one that ends with his death and does not carry over to his new life, unless it's awakened later by a similar set of circumstances.)

In the manga, he explains that his grandfather, Toranosuke Ishimaru, was a prime minister, a successful politician because of his natural intelligence, which was eventually his downfall. The man was suspected of political corruption, which also led to failure in business and a debt which affects the family to this day.
Otherwise, it's said that he has an ordinary family. [2]
His in-game introduction states that he attended a prestigious school, held a constant position at the top of his class, graduated with a flawless record, and even participated on the school's disciplinary committee.
His life after his admission to Hope's Peak is covered here

What would you say is your greatest strength?

My strongest asset is my perseverance. Hard work is the reason for my success! I'll do my most in this Digital World!

If you were given the option to stay in the Digital World or return to your home, which would you choose? Why?

What do you define as "home"? If you define it as the school I came from, the answer becomes simple. I must stay! My diligence is needed in this world! I have failed there, and I am... dead...
There is nothing else to say! Let's move on!

You have one choice. That choice will result in either the end of the world or it will save it. Which way would you go?

Is that a joke? I am disappointed by this question! Even the most despicable kind of person would save the world! To do anything else would be self-destruction!


At first, Ishimaru doesn't move at all. For a full hour, he doesn't say a word and only mutely nods to Culumon, which is unusual for him- or rather, to be more precise, that <i>was</i> unusual for him. He was caught up in a figurative downward spiral before he found himself in the more literal one that marked his entry into this world. It doesn't help that his introduction comes in the form of a small cheerful talking animal. Clearly, he isn't in the best state to adjust.
This is unrealistic. That is the first thing to occur to him once his mind starts to piece together cogent thoughts. This is unrealistic- is this real? His most recent memories are jumbled, incoherent, not befitting of a top student. Still, he trusts his recall, and he knows that the last thing he remembers is a hard blow to the head, and when he combs his fingers over his scalp, he doesn't feel any wound. It doesn't add up.
It's likely that he's dreaming, but if it isn't, he won't accomplish anything by quietly standing in place as he is.
"Are you still there? Show yourself!" he finally breaks his own silence to belatedly call out to Culumon, tears welling up in his eyes. When he receives no response, he tries again, repeating himself at the top of his lungs.
While he is not pleased with his failure to call Culumon back over, he does feel a little better- more energized, if not any more pleasant- after having his chance to shout. His resolve continues to return, and he finally examines the electronic devices that have been presented to him. Eagerly, he throws himself into diligent and thorough reading. There is nothing else that could bolster his spirit more than what he holds in his hands now- a wealth of information, and the opportunity for an entirely new course of action. If what he reads is true, he can't stay idle. He will do all he can to help, this time.


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